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When Love Hurts You

When Love Hurts You

Smiley face peeps into heart's window nowadays

And plays the senses with tricky charming ways

What's the big secret I may never know anyway

But all the fuss it brings, the sensations too, sideways

To dwell here and wait like a dying no one in life's desert

I am chilled as ice, my anger lives no more, that red alert

What miracle could people do to you? A tender, sweet hurt

The ash of the past, the sorrows of failure are over, biting dirt

It comes to the day when the goddess of chance bestowed love

On your soul, the cheeky earth's down and a new sky above

A new moment of fortune, holding tight the memory's glove

Oh the song of nightingale, the sweet twinkle in the morning dove

For once, I win, and I am in the highest of all heavens

The world may look wondering, at sixes and sevens

Let the show begin, Let 'em out, my old deal ravens

Tens are goner, the past is shady, bring your sessions

To those who vanished from our lives...

I try to recall my senses, fitter in forgetfulness

All starry ways of queen-the mind shall support

My cause in my casual talks; I remember nothing

New or old, alive or dead all are forgotten forever

By me; Still when I click the innocence of memory

The charms of sanity, and the wealth of senses

All I find is blood and pain; Love and miseries of rain

When Love Hurts You

To whoever tries to stay in- shall meet the people forlorn

The young and the old, the beauty of the brain sold- all dead all gone

I wait in silence, and I long for all those missed ones, loved ones

And of course, the dead ones; Who stay put in silence and quietness

Rose berries and tusk of morning hay- play with the fancy old ray

The quiet ones are gone past long ago from our life and so on they stay

No matter how loud you pray, how long you stay, they answer no way!

Yes, the physical being is gone and the fictional time lives on for us

They are gone- not their presence in the minds of humans like rivers of

Pain and Happiness get coins of smile and remembrance.

For I can't stay in senses and I shall dive into waters of forgetfulness again

Adieu! Yeah your times are up and our times are just behind, till we meet

In heavens forlorn, I bid you a warm farewell, my friends be loved-

When Love Hurts You

Adieu till we see each other in heavens


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