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Tips To Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

Heart disease can be a serious affair if you don't take immediate action. Nowadays, the condition is very common among men and women both. And the main cause of it is the poor lifestyle that pushes us toward the dangerous disease. Preventing the condition before it's too late is compulsory and if you are looking for a few ways that help you deal with it, so, here are some tips. Take a look to know about them.

Take Your Health Seriously:

A heart attack is undoubtedly one of the common reasons that lead to death at any age. In an order to prevent it, you first have to take the responsibility for your health.
Incorporate any exercise or workout in your routine that helps your heart stay healthy for a longer period.

Quit Smoking:
Smoking is injurious to health, even the pack says so. It's time to take the warning seriously, as it may otherwise only increase problems for you. To keep your heart healthy and away from all the disease, quit it right away. Also, try your level best …

Meditation - The Key to Success

Meditation is a unique and very simple way of giving rest to the mind in the most natural way. Nowadays, meditation is the most sought-after remedy being adopted by one and all. Every human being has been gifted with a unique mind, great inner strength and energy which unlocks further when he begins meditating. It will guide him naturally on the journey forward. So, start meditating as soon as possible without much delay or waiting for a guru a sect. Practically, there is no need for someone's help. It is very simple and easy to practice.

How To Meditate:

Sit ideal, without doing anything or thinking about anything, with your eyes closed for a few minutes every day, preferably after a bath, swim or a workout. The body and mind become fresh and are in a natural rhythm with each other after a good bath. You may either sit on a chair, on the floor with your legs crossed over or by standing still. Remember that your backbone should always be straight in any position you happen to medit…

Be Indian , Believe In India - Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De is coming up with books at such a rapid pace, it's difficult to keep track. Here we are just trying to discuss her thoughts, as they have evolved with the evolving India. Shobhaa De sees the change taking place in the country as tumultuous but good for the country which includes everything, good, bad and ugly. She views herself as a global Indian who has kept pace with the changes in the country.

Shobhaa De Refuses To Fade Away

She says, the women have a natural ability to adjust to any new situation, which probably explains her own success at being what she is today. She is a natural at challenging the conventional so she may have the freedom to do what she wants to. She refuses to be a fading granny figure, and says it is possible to live life after sixty as well.

A Journey with India

She has always been known for writing the way she does (provocative), though she has largely remained around Bollywood most of the time. She has changed track now and has started to write…

Cardio For Good Health

The human body is a complex system that is composed of organs, limbs, muscles, blood, hormones and nails among others. In order for the body to function, you need to eat and breathe. Oxygen helps to oxygenate the blood while food nourishes the muscles and body cells allowing the body to grow and develop.
The heart and the lungs are vital organs as they are at the center of the above activities that is pumping of oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood to and from the body as well as breathing in and out of clean and used air.
Today, thanks to smart devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets, people are spending way too much time with them. It's not a surprise to find people sleeping with these devices beside them so that they don't miss that post, tweet or WhatsApp message from a friend or loved one.
Leading a sedentary lifestyle has a negative impact on the body. To improve one's cardiovascular health, you need to engage in cardio exercises.

For many people, a swim…